Thursday, February 18, 2010

All About 14-02

14 February just passed, and it was a day shared between Lunar New Year (that means Chinese New Year, Korean New Year, Mongolian New Year, Tibetan New Year and Vietnamese New Year) and Valentine's Day. Now, having never being much of a fan of the latter, I was anxious to make sure that I could keep myself occupied with Lunar New Year celebrations so I wouldn't feel too dismal, especially with Min-joo away in Korea.

Last year's Chinese New Year left a very bad taste in my mouth for me, I'm sure some of you might have heard. Nonetheless, this year definitely made up for the last -- I had an amazing reunion dinner of sorts this time round with Jinn, Robyn, Jinn's sister Hsu Mei and her hubby Peter. Dinner was at Hsu Mei and Peter's place in Blackheath, and they practically played model hosts with a fantastic dinner, amazing wine and a very comfortable duvet for myself.

Chinese New Year evening itself was spent with Gordon and his folks who were visiting him in London. How sweet is that! We went for dinner at Four Seasons in Chinatown before Gordon and me headed over to GAMA (for obvious reasons known to Gordon, of course) and we had a bit of soju to round off the Chinese New Year festivities. Not that the celebration has to end though, this Sunday there will be massive Chinese New Year celebrations in Chinatown, complete with lion dances and firecrackers before topping it all off with fireworks in Trafalgar Square. Nice!

Sun nin fai lok to all, and gung hei fatt choi! And yes, happy Valentine's Day to you, if you insist.

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