Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Pictorial Easter

And here we have it -- my travel photos from the two trips I made over Easter break! First stop was good old Amsterdam which I revisited, this time with Dong Young. To put it short, it was a fantastic, fruitful and fun-filled four-day (lot's of 'f's there) trip filled with adventure. It was really nice to have Dong Young along too, considering this would be the last amounts of "quality time" we would get to spend together before he returned to Korea.

My second trip was to Prague, and my god was it beautiful! Prague really exceeded all my expectations -- stunning architecture, breathtaking city views, pulsating nightlife, rich culture, Prague has it all! I accompanied Jinn & Robyn on this trip, and it was really wonderful to travel with them. Robyn is the best navigator I've seen in awhile, for sure! Jinn? He's just the same old talk-cock buddy I got know 11 years ago. Lovely.

Anyway, here are my photos which I've linked from Facebook -- one album for Amsterdam and two for Prague. Jinn brought his kick-ass Nikon D80 with him, of which I hijacked for quite a considerable amount of time to fulfill my photo-taking craze. The Prague pictures are really beautiful, you can see what an amazing city it really is.

I AMsterdam
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Photos from my four-day break to Amsterdam with Dong
Young during Spring '09. From museums to coffeeshops
and churches to brothels, Amsterdam is certainly
always a fantastic place to just visit, chill out and
have plenty of fun!

Zátiší do Praha
Prague, Czech Republic

Amazing photos detailing the breathtaking sights in
Prague, the city of a hundred spires. Just grab a bench
(or grassy patch), sit yourself down and watch life go
by in this quaint little Central European city beloved
of highbrow cultural tourists!

Praha chtivý turista
Prague, Czech Republic

Watch as Jinn, Robyn & myself traverse this
beguiling, beautiful-looking city in plenty of style as
we push the curtain back on the intoxicating maze
of winding cobblestone alleyways and soak up the beer
and absinthe!

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