Wednesday, March 26, 2008

We've Dunnit Again!

Here's another sickening event that clearly demonstrates Singapore's desperate grasp at trying to maintain a totalitarian, oppressed state where social opinion never counts.

PHOTOS: Singapore Police Manhandle & Drag Away Peaceful Protesters

This is definitely a plight that I sympathize with. For long enough has our monarchical government try to gag the opposition is the most possible ridiculous manners. Click here to read the blog post if the above link doesn't work for you.

A reply was recently posted on Arts Comm, which I find very true. I'd like to share it with all of you who read my blog, and I urge you to think carefully about the apathetic political scene in Singapore and how or what you can do to help our nation progress. I wholeheartedly agree with what the sender has said, and I hope this is a positive sign that the public is indeed watching after all. I have changed the name of the original sender for privacy's sake.

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From: On Behalf Of Michael Teo
Sent: Sunday, 16 March, 2008 2:43 PM
To: Viknesh Palay
Subject: Re: [capacity-building] Re: Singaporean protesters arrested for World Consumer Rights Day event


The Singapore Police Force is getting very useless and very ineffective and very disappointing.

The standard has dropped to below that of Malaysia.

Has the top terrorist been caught? Who's stupidity resulted in him "limping" to freedom? And to think that Singapore is paying the highest salary to public servants who just dont deliver. And now they are wasting their time disturbing some harmless protesters who are protesting peacefully.

When will they ever learn? Took Leng How strolled across the Custom without a passport. One eye dragon drove into JB after shooting dead a man in Hougang. Both men were caught by the Malaysian polis. In QRP, one chap ran off after being charged with murder in Pearl Centre. And Indonesian polis caught the #1 terrorist Mas Selamat only to let Singapore 's inefficient terrorism departmetn let him ran off, or rather, LIMP off.

The list of police cock up goes on and on... not forgettting the countless victims of senseless bashing who called up the police only to tell the victims that the culprits wont be caught since its not a seizeable offence.

Malaysians have woken up. Isnt it time for this tiny dot wake up? How many more billions can we lose? We cannot afford to lose not even once cos we are resource-less.


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Haphazardness of Me

The VE guys and myself headed down to Pavane this morning to do some recording for one of the opening items for NDP 2008. All the way to Redhill at 8:45am, no joke! It was good to finally get the open, non-condensed score from Iskandar today, although there were still a few hitches here and there in the arrangement. I'm supposed to take over the arrangement and tweak it tonight, but I still have yet to receive the original soft copy. (Argh!!)

Hence the free time for this quick blog post.

Jacintha came down to the studio today as well; it was good to see her after two years. I call the the Idol years. Well, looks like she's back on track and giving her bit for NDP this year, which is definitely something to look forward to. She did her recording segment before us, and because we were given the new score only today, I ended up having to record and multi-track all 5 voice parts because the rest weren't familiar enough with the score by then.

I had a few problems here and there with singing out the key changes earlier today. Well, granted it was a semitone up key, I had to do a few takes just to get my pitching laid down. Sometimes things like these worry the hell out of me.

Oh, here's what else that worries me. I was in the washroom of the recording studio, and there happened to be a bathroom scale inside. I went on it, and to my horror I saw that I had passed the dreaded 70kg mark for the first time in my life. The scale read 70.5kg, and mind you, I haven't had anything to eat for the day then. I kept checking and re-calibrating the scale to make sure the reading was correct.

This is so, so distressing. Really.

After the recording session we went down to town to catch Step Up 2 the Streets. To be honest, I wasn't too keen, but since we ended early, and I didn't have to teach today (rare occurrence!), I went along. I expected the storyline to be a complete bore, but it did surprise me with a few good "drama" bits, not just scenes of people taking to the streets and doing their thing. Well, there were plenty of those bits too, actually.

The pace of the movie was draggy and some points, and some scenes could have been left out. However, this movie has made me a fan of Cassie Ventura. She is smokin' hot!

Well, there you have it. The comings and goings of my monotonous life. Thank god I only have 24 days to go. Hell yeah. Charlie finishes up his service tomorrow. Literally. No reservist cycles or whatnot due to his PES E status. You're in a good situation, mate. One that I would definitely love to be in too!

Thursday, March 20, 2008


We went hospital visiting at NUH yesterday, to check on our dear Jeremy to see how he was doing from his ambitious extraction of not 2, not 3, not 4 but 8 teeth! Well, four were wisdom teeth, the remaining were extra teeth that had to make way as he was going to put braces on in the near future.

I vividly recall my own experience of having to extract perfectly fine teeth before undergoing braces of my own. For one particular "sitting", I had it done in the dentist's chair under local anesthesia. The dentists hacked and drilled at it, but it just wouldn't come out. After 15 minutes, he simply abandoned his current tactic, reached into a drawer and pulled out one huge-ass pair of metal pliers (ironically wrapped in septic packaging), took it out and started to yank my tooth out forcefully. Naturally there was no pain, but I could feel my entire head and neck rocking back and forth to the pulling. Yikes!

Anyway, Jeremy showed us his 8 teeth nicely packaged into this small plastic bag, bloody and all. Charles commented that it looked like something that could be used for promoting the movie Saw VIII. Well, they're only at number four now, but I'm sure they'll get there!

Here's a picture of the jolly bunch. Get well soon, Jeremy. I'm sure you'll be quickly on your way to eating solid food again! And besides, I don't want to do shows anymore! Heh. And yes, Charles, what's up with the fedora hat!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Of Buses & Convicts

It's been way too long since I blogged. So here goes my first post of 2008 (finally!).

Well, I guess the first and foremost piece of news is, I'm going to ORD. I can't believe it's been already two years since I got on the Penguin ferry to Tekong looking all fresh-faced. And come April 18, 2008, it will signal the end of two wonderful yet tumultuous years with the SAF Music & Drama Company.

And I guess the next thing that I would like to rant about in my monotonous, busy life (is that an oxymoron? I actually my life hectic and monotonous at the same time) is our esteemed convict idol, Mas Selamat bin Kastari. As of late, feeder bus services around the Woodlands and Marsiling area have been diverted every now and then, especially during peak hours.

This means that a simple 10-minute journey would entail an anguishing, antagonizing and arduous wait of 30 minutes, just for a feeder bus to show up and send you to the nearest MRT station. Why is that so, some might ask. Well, that's simply because there have been massive jams around the Woodlands Checkpoint (this is where I start visualizing myself skinning Mas Selamat alive), and buses have been diverted to prevent a bottleneck of available buses during peak periods.

I was affected earlier today, as I made my way back from Woodlands after teaching. Trust me, at the point of time I was so fuming mad I was wishing for really terrible things (which can't be mentioned on respectable blogs like mine) to happen to certain family members of Mas Selamat, only in hope that our convict on the run will surrender and turn himself in.

Ah well. I hope he gets caught anyway, and the person turns him in only for monetary gain. I hate how our government expects us to turn in him without posting a reward, because our dear Home Affairs minister expects the general public to do it because "it's the right thing to do". I, for one, am not going to sit around while Singapore goes around heralding to the rest of the world the virtues of having an Internal Security Act and continues to exercise and assert its governmental right to arrest and detain individuals without trial.

And now, when a muck-up like that happens, they expect Singaporeans to help clean up their mess. Well, what would one expect?!