Monday, September 24, 2007

Fresh TGS Pickings!

Good times are ahead of us. Halo 3 will be released tomorrow in Singapore, finally! Singapore gets it pretty okay when it comes to the Halo 3 release; we share the first release date of 25 Sept 2007 along with US and Australia. But right now as I type this, NZ players just got their first hold of Halo 3, first in the world. They have the privilege of getting a midnight release on 25th itself!

European gamers get it one day later (haha, losers!), while Japanese gamers get it the latest on the 27th. Serves them right for not being big supporters of the first two installments! But hey, to be fair, Microsoft and their Xbox franchise is now doing pretty well, looking at the recent happenings at TGS07.

Speaking of which, check out this absolutely gorgeous trailer of Ace Combat 6 released during TGS07. The graphics are just.. phew!

Ace Combat 6

And, oh well, since we're in the mood for it, here's the Halo 3 trailer from this year's E3. Stunning stuff as well! Can hardly wait!

Halo 3

Anyway, I just finally finished playing BioShock. Well, I won't say "finally", really. I didn't take long to complete it, only because it is such an excellent game to own. Definitely a must-have in every Xbox 360 owner's collection! Now I'm doing re-runs on Hard difficulty, finishing up unlocking all the remaining achievements. Don't think that's going to be done anytime soon though, I'll be stuck on Halo 3 for weeks starting tomorrow!

I'll leave you with one more kick-ass trailer for a really kick-ass game coming out in Jan 2008: Lost Odyssey. RPG fans, rejoice!!

Lost Odyssey

Saturday, September 22, 2007

10 Reasons

10 reasons why I should head back to London earlier than expected:

1) Because I need to help Daph shift her furniture in her room; her wardrobe and TV needs to be swapped!

2) Because I didn't have time to check out the 2nd floor of HMV at Oxford.

3) Because I need Elias to have a second look at my jacket and tell me it's nice.

4) Because Daph needs more duty-free cigarettes.

5) Because I want to try other things on the ASSA menu.

6) Becuase we still haven't found the Monet painting at the Tate Modern.

7) Because I still haven't spotted Katie Leung (aka Cho Chang).

8) Because I forgot to bring my digital camera the last time I was there.

9) Because I want to rack up frequent flyer miles.

And, my favorite one of all..

10) Because I need to top-up my oyster card!

That's it. Time to get my flight ticket now!

Monday, September 03, 2007

Cat Ad

Now now, that is exactly what I call dedication to your pet cat! Heh.. One of my students' mom hangs this in her house, which I find totally hilarious and adorable in a weird sense of the word. They have four cats by the way, all of them the loveliest things ever.

However, they're moving back to the States really shortly, in a couple months' time. They'll be bringing all their cats back except one, Snow. Unfortunately, Snow is a cat that gets really distressed easily, and the vets have reviewed him and said that he will not be able to make the long-haul flight to the States.

My student's mom is currently looking out for a new owner to take in Snow; she preferred if she gave Snow to someone that she knows she can trust (i.e., my recommendations! heh heh) or someone she knows, rather than to just someone who just claims to be willing to take in Snow. So I'm appealing to everyone; if anyone is willing to take in Snow, and most importantly love cats, please do let me know. I've put up some pictures of Snow here and here. He's really such a cutie. Thanks!