Sunday, August 26, 2007

Weekender Updates

Whoo, a long week this has been. I haven't updated for so long I don't even know that Blogger has added an "add video" feature; I only saw it a moment ago. Time seems to really fly though, it seems that I always never have enough hours in a day. This entire week there wasn't a night where I slept for more than 5 hours!

Had to go down to the Ritz on Tuesday with Ina for rehearsal for the NDP07 Appreciation Dinner. Ina was so smart, she asked me to bring our costume which we didn't wear in the end; noob points for you!! But I did some pretty noob stuff that day too, so I guess we evened out. No one's to blame, I suppose. We've been so tired out from work.

That's how we looked like after we had to go through a rehearsal where they actually read out all 400 or so names of the award recipients for the dinner. Oh, and they have Navy NSFs to come down and role-play the award recipients; smart!!

Thursday night was back at oosh after missing out last week. Playing at oosh is always a pleasant experience, and that night Charles joined us for one set. Needless to say, his beatboxing drew rapturous applause from the crowd. That night at oosh was a particularly rowdy one, as Standard Chartered was holding some private function. It was more like a farewell party for one of their colleagues, and everyone attending was pretty sloshed.

Here's where the story of the chocolate fountain comes in. As it was a private function, they had set up a buffet line. And right beside the sound console was a strategically placed chocolate fondue counter. After the first set, I stretched and leaned out to mute our channels, when my white shirt got fondued. Here's how it looked like after the transformation.

Yes, it was most unglamorous, I assure you. The left picture is the back of the shirt, and the right picture is the front of the shirt. Sigh.

Yesterday VE had yet another NDP07 appreciation dinner to do (a different one). Really, it's amazing how they can endlessly hold dinners to appreciate people every year. I guess what they do isn't really out business, really. But sometimes it gets so tiresome, having to do VE shows at those events.

Today I met Daph for a spot of dinner (well we had two rounds, actually) and to catch Secret. For those of you who've watched that movie too, I mourn with you for having to painfully sit through and endure Jay Chou's acting. Really, any misgivings I had about his acting ability were assured and confirmed. Not that his co-star Kwai Lun-mei was any better though!

I know I've made it known to quite a number of people that there was absolutely no way was I going to watch that self-indulgent movie which I gathered to be just a glorified 90-minute Jay Chou MTV. However, during the past week Daph has been pretty convincing; plus the fact that Ina told me there was a really clever twist to the story and I happened to listen to the soundtrack beforehand and it was actually pretty good.

So, I decided to give it a shot to really find out what the twist was. And Daph, being just too smart for herself, suggested a theory as to what was actually happening only after 20 minutes into the film; and it turned out to be true! So for the rest of the movie we were just waiting for it to happen. When it did, it was admittedly rather anti-climatic!

Speaking of movies, I also managed to catch a test screening of this new Thai movie, Me... Myself a couple days ago. It's a really well-written romantic drama/comedy that talks about a gay male dancer in a transvestite cabaret who suffers amnesia after being struck by a car, and then falling in love with the girl who knocked him down.

The idea of rediscovering one's gender orientation might not be completely new, but this movie was written in a very heartfelt and narrative manner, giving much thought you character development. It does help too that the female lead Chayanan Manomaisnatiphap looks absolutely stunning and mesmerizing in her first feature film.

Gotta give a shout of thanks to Selwyn though, the master of winning radio contests. He won four free tickets to the show, but because I was the only he could find to watch with, the other two tickets went to waste. How Selwyn seems to always strike all these freebies, I'm afraid I'll never know! He did mention though, that he's looking out to pass on the mantle of contest-winning, and is actually looking out for successors with lots of potential before he himself ORDs. Which I suppose translates into quick fingers to dial on the phone, and careful timing. And of course, listening to lots and lots of radio!

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