Monday, August 20, 2007

Crashing Cribs

Eyes swollen, limbs dragging, hair completely tousled.. I'm starting to get used to this image every single morning I head to work. The mundane bus ride, the 3-minute walk up Transit Road, the mind-numbing shuttle ride up to the office..

Recently there has been yet more drama at work. First, our artistic manager who so dramatically resigned from his post three weeks ago returned from his sabbatical leave to announce that he was coming back and not resigning after all. Well, that was very much expected actually.

Then, there have been a case of a colleague to has been so exasperated by his work as an artiste then he broke down into a emotional fit comparable to Teri Hatcher's character on Desperate Housewives; claiming that he really wanted to be in VE. He came to talk to me today, by the way.

Oh, and tomorrow I have to be at the Ritz at 9 in the morning for the NDP Appreciation Dinner event rehearsal. I swear, this event is killing me. Last night I had to type out TWO different VE repertoire proposals for the organizers along with detailed timing for every song and fax it today before 9:30am. Then now I have to make sure our new guy Nicholas is ready to take Jon Tay's place on show by Friday.

Oh boy.. I really need to lie down.

Anyway, I've done the really brave thing of putting up Vik's Cribs video which we took at Istana. Hope nobody ends up in court for this. Haha! It's a really good laugh though!

Yeah, give it up for the lights from Italy, I say! Hope you didn't have to turn up the volume too much while watching the video. My phone's audio capture is simply terrible.

Facebook's down right now. Dammit.


smallsharon said...

hahaha!! hilarious... lurve the chinese paintings part...

ina said...

HAHAHA! You guys ah!!!!

Tim said...

haha you gotta be kiddin me negro

jonathanang said...

haha.. he's awesome with that shit isn't he!