Saturday, June 09, 2007

deuter = people

Apparently, some "people" (get the pun? haha!) think that as long as you flip a recognized brand upside down and sell it off as fakes, other customers won't be able to tell the difference. As you can see from the above "p" and "d" are completely flippable, giving pirates the perfect chance to pass off cheap, low-quality lightweight backpacks as reputable Deuter Sport backpacks from Germany.

Shift+click on the picture to view an enlarged version, and you can see that by simply employing a stealthy trick of hand (i.e., flipping the logo), and adding a reaching-out-to-the-masses type of brand name such as "people", you are all set to sell your own MIC backpacks! This ripoff was actually spotted downstairs from my house, Sun Plaza, at one of the shops near the entrance towards your left.

If reps from Deuter Sport read this and they manage to conduct a large scale crackdown, gimme a free backpack too, ok! Anyway, just sidetracking, someone should create an additional MIC article in Wikipeida. It stands for Made In China, btw.

In other embarrassing life news, my friend Lydia recently offered a seat to a supposedly pregnant-looking woman (i.e., simply fat) only to be answered, "Oh it's ok, it's ok. I'm not pregnant." Gosh! I don't know who should feel more embarrassed, the woman or my friend. Anyway, you can read her amusing encounter on her blog here.

I had another wedding last Tuesday, with one more coming tomorrow. Here's a picture of the lovely proceedings:

Yeah, hope I wasn't too sarcastic when I said "lovely proceedings". That's the relatively new, post-renovation Marina Mandarin ballroom by the way. And so I reiterate my love-hate relationship with weddings, weddings and more weddings. Everything about wedding dinners is such a cookie-cutter affair, I struggle to find that special touch from each wedding every single time I'm at one, and unfortunately, not all weddings have that.

Everybody tucks into the served dishes and guzzles down the free-flow alcohol with gusto, but it comes to the yum seng toast, nobody gets up or responds enthusiastically, leaving the poor couple stuck on stage with their parents. Even the bridesmaids and the "brothers" need to be coaxed and cajoled onstage, with some of them responding only half-heartedly.

That is, indeed, very confusing. And confounding to some extent. So, someone or something put back the positivity of wedding dinners back in me, because it is indeed becoming quite tiresome watching yet another one proceed from start to finish.

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