Monday, May 14, 2007

Stroke of 12

'Twas another muted weekend that flew by, characterized by spontaneous bouts of frenzied worrying as to whether my life is headed anywhere respectable. It's so hard to believe in oneself sometimes, what more even in somewhere else. What's true for a fact, though, and I've learnt that lesson well, is to never make promises which you can't keep. Even if you think for a slight second that you can never keep that promise, don't make it. It's been hard, trying to come to terms with myself that promises do break sometimes, be it by you yourself or someone else who promised you something.

As well very well-put lyrics of Linkin Park's Somwhere I Belong comes to mind;

"It is not the way i had imagined it all in my mind.
(So what am I)
What do I have but negativity
'Cos I can't trust no one by the way everyone is looking at me"

I guess sometimes I'm still looking for somewhere I belong. Do we think we are really close to something real, or are we still at the end of the day just stuck hollow and alone? Well, guess we need that rude awakening jolt for us to realize that sometimes everything around us isn't what it really seems!

Anyway, talking about Linkin Park, I managed to listen to the whole of their new album Minutes To Midnight. Pretty good stuff, actually. Initially I was one of the many other loyal LP fans who were worried that their new sound for this third studio album would be too much of a paradigm shift for the band's benefit, but I'm glad to say that I actually quite appreciate their new music approach this time round, too. It's become more gritty and rough, definitely much less of the nu-metal element. Instead, they've approached it with a very distinct heavy metal perspective, stripping down the elements and just presenting them vis a vis.

It's also good to see Mike Shinoda singing a couple more songs in this album instead of just doing his usual rapping (he only raps for 2 tracks in this album). This should give poor lead singer Chester Bennington a break every now and then; sometimes I feel painful for him when I watch his live concerts. Imagine all that constant repetitive strain on his voice! (He used to suffer from hiatal hernia by the way. Not happening at all!!)

Yesterday I finally finished up watching Freedom Writers. Excellent movie after all! Hilary Swank displayed her renowned Academy Award acting prowess, and her supporting casts of students did really touching portrayals of how living in racial Los Angeles of the mid-1990s was really like. And finally, after staring at Patrick Dempsey's character for the longest time, I recalled why he look so familiar; he's none other than Dr. Derek Shepherd on Grey's Anatomy.

Interestingly, Freedom Writers is based on true life events, notably the Freedom Writers Diary, written and published in 1999 by teacher Erin Gruwell (played by Hillary Swank) and her students in her English Language class. Interesting to note is also the subject of Freedom Riders, a brave congregation of mostly students who nonviolently opposed the notion of segregated seating on public transport by getting themselves, who were of different races, to sit in the same bus that would ply through different states. However, they faced constant opposition from violent mobs and the KKK, who were spurred on to higher levels of violent retaliations through the non-action of the local authorities.

Anyhow, crazy show season for the rest of this month starts this week. Feeling the stress cords tighten even further now, but not tight enough for me to scream. If it comes to that though, you'll hear it!

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