Sunday, April 01, 2007

Sleeping-Dust Fairies

And welcome everyone to Sleepy Sunday once again, where the lethargy throughout the past entire week manifests as a alluring FAIRY (pronounced FAAAIR-RAEEEY) loaded with sleeping dust and visits you, offloading everything she's got on you. (Ok, this fairy in-joke is really getting out of hand but seriously, who can resist?!! Haha!!)

Went back to church after a two (or was it three?) week hiatus this morning. Friday evening at Balaclava was a usual affair, with the addition of JCT and Charles (his blog here) being really kind enough to pop by. JCT brought his new girl along as well; apparently she holds her liquor as well as Charles and Gina, so you get the picture. : ) In any case, thanks guys for coming down to support! Serene's boss was there too, so it was a good evening. The night ended in the indulging of copious amounts of wine, as usual! Oh, I also managed to bump into Tanya, who was with a brand new band that was trying out Friday's primetime slot at Balaclava (UnExpected took a break that week). It was good to see ya again babe! And many many congrats on getting into LaSalle-SIA (same to you too, Rayve!).

Yesterday, Gina introduced me for the first time to the wonderful world of Red Bull gelato ice cream! That's right! All that Thai energy goodness now comes to you in a refreshing sorbet gelato! Isn't it a marvellous invention? One of the best news since I've heard about Uzumaki's wasabi ice cream! (Ok, I haven't tried the wasabi ice cream, but the Red Bull once just totally kicks butt!)

And here's how absolute ecstasy looks like!

Well, I didn't say it was gonna be nice. : ) So there you have it. Grab your Red Bull ice cream right now at Gelatissimo, this gelato place right outside Shaw House (at the entrance of the escalators that you take up to the cinema) that comes all the way from Australia. They also have a ball of other really interesting flavors; one's definitely gonna hit that sweet spot of yours!

Oh, not forgetting, I finally caught another movie last night. Haven't been watching movies of really high caliber lately (previous ones include Mr. Bean's Holiday and The Messengers), but hey who cares? As long as the company is good, the laughs are there and the shock tactics still work (they ALL work for me!), why not? : )

Yesterday was Mark Wahlberg's latest action flick, Shooter. Directed by Antoine Fuqua (of Training Day fame), it was a pretty decent wham bam gun 'em down outing. Not forgetting that lovely CheyTac Intervention M200 featured in the film. It looked even hotter than Wahlberg's co-star Kate Mara! But of course, let's not ignore the abundance of leftist political undertones, shall we? So when you mix it all up you get something like that:

That's the "man-looking-emo-cos-he-got-double-crossed" face carrying a US made sniper rifle. Wow, how bold! Interestingly, there are two versions of the poster; one is him carrying a CheyTac Intervention (that's what you see here) and another one with him carrying a Remington 700. No idea why.

Oh, and before I go, here are some expired photos taken at Viva Verdi the previous Friday. : ) Thanks Charles!

That's the dude who scolds the neighbor's dog on his way home. But only
under special circumstances! : )

Me & a long-time friend Francois; he's actively involved in SLO productions.

If you look closely it says "MDC Choir" above Charles' head!

Stoning out in the dressing room.

Me and LaSalle-SIA ex-classmate Tang Jia.

Alright, so that's it for now. The FAIRY beckons and calls out to me, drawing me into her realm with her sweet song... : ) Happy Sleepy Sunday, folks!

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