Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Viva Verdi

Went for my first SLO rehearsal today. Pretty daunting.

I've been involved in opera productions before, but always as someone behind the piano. And I liked it there. Never imagined I would be doing the singing though!

Since VE was being temporarily disbanded, the remaining us three have been attached to SLO to do their upcoming concert, Viva Verdi, which runs for one night only at Esplanade on 23 Mar. Ironically, I ever did SLO productions (as a pianist) in the past before, but I absolutely loathed it because of who used to be in charge of SLO. But thankfully it's being helmed by someone really good and capable right now, which is good. Not naming names!

Well, anyway, speaking about VE, it seems that fate has decided not to break us up so soon. We've just been added with one more show (which I'm sure the ORD personnel will be seriously hoping to be the last!) for Thursday! At Canossa Convent Primary School. Looks like we'll be doing our Fire song and dance sequence for one more time! Also, just found out this morning at work that we have a new batch of fresh recruits coming for audition on Sat. Usually we would be slightly picky, but VE is so desperate right now we'd probably just take anyone decent enough. Well, fingers crossed. I hope we find a good (or even better, a few) replacements on Sat.

Ok, need to get some shut-eye. Just taught 5 full hours of theory today, brain almost fried. And there's theory again tomorrow. Bah!

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