Wednesday, February 28, 2007

And the photos keep coming..

Technology is really gloriously amazing. Well, when it comes cheap, of course! Just got off the phone from a three-hour (hour, not minute!) conversation with Ena, and mind you, it only cost $2.50 AUD! Boy, if only they had such cheap rates back then! I would have never been plagued by $500 phone bills. Oh that works out to about 14c per minute btw.

Well, notwithstanding the fact that how the IDD company makes money remains a mystery, it sure is a comfortable change to be able to hold long-dist calls within having to give much thought to how much it's going to actually cost. And with free incoming mobile calls, a 3-hour conversation from Australia can actually turn out to be cheaper than a local mobile call of the same duration.

Ok, strange world. I'll give ya that.

We had the PAFF Chinese New Year lunch today. Oh, not forgetting the "cohesion" segment which consisted (again!) of a bowling tournament! I swear, the nicest colonel award in MINDEF or SAF unanimously goes to PAFF's big boss Col. Benedict Lim. Well, the 9-course lunch sure was well-appreciated!

But I guess it didn't help that I was sitting right between Len and Jon Tay. Len just seems to bring out the cam-whore in me, and Jon Tay couldn't stop his vinegar antics. Yeah, he was basically dipping vinegar into everybody's noodles, tea, and dessert. And then he would watch the unsuspecting victim gorge on the poisoned product and burst out in laughter with some beverage in his mouth, morphing instantly into what one would agree to be a close resemblance to the Merlion.

Put 11 crazy MDC folks on the same table and what you get is nothing short of pandemonium. Apart from the fact that a table usually only sits 10 (not 11!), the small servings of each dish didn't really help. It was the first time I ever see an entire dish being cleared in 10 seconds (really not shy, let me assure you), or a lo hei aftermath that resembles a war zone.

Well, enough talk I guess. Photo time. Really sorry to have to spoil your appetite, folks!

Being absolutely bimbotic with chopsticks.

That's the fella who just loves his vinegar. Total lame ass!

The legendary Len. Now you know what I mean. How to not take photos??

Oh well, since I'm at it.. Here're some CHINGAY photos. Please pardon the hugely gross overdose of pink and purple. All CHINGAY photos courtesy of Joel "deathspyke" Jay and my sis.

Justin stoning out before show.
Toshi and Jasper finding their way down Orchard Rd.
Jon Tay rocks on! Pink!
Gina & me in full festive swing!
Fireworks too loud for comfort! Andre & Justin.
Attack of the purple samba dancers.

Crowd-mingling! Lynn and Ina.

John Chua & Charles. Definitely enjoying the parade proceedings, eh?

I'm actually feeling much more tired than I look!

Well that's about it for now. I still have loads to put up, though! Krispy Kremes and Fitness First soon!

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