Saturday, December 24, 2005

Zoo trip!

Went to the zoo yesterday! With Cyn and my family. It was great fun; I hadn't been there for over a year so there was alot of new stuff there, which was nice. Before that it was raining cats & dogs in the north area, and I was rather apprehensive about making a trip to the zoo in that sort of rain, but it slowed down to a negligible drizzle. Which was rather nice and romantic. :)

Anyway, we managed to catch some animal feeding demonstrations, of which the most exciting one was the feeding of the white tigers. Such beauties! They managed to catch the huge steaks of meat thrown to them with pinpoint accuracy; most fascinating. They looked like big versions of our cats at home.

Here are some photos that we took... Not much, partly due to the fact that I have a camera with a terrible zoom function. Enjoy!

Baboon Nation!

Monkey chilling out.

Time for a snort... Er, I mean, drink.

Looking lovely by the reservoir.

Time to air out the armpits!

"Stop! Who goes there?"

And if you look really closely through the fog, you can see two people in the picture.

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