Saturday, November 19, 2005

Busy week!

It's been a busy busy week! Went to the Night Safari, watched the latest Harry Potter movie and went for the open preview for A Twist of Fate. Which is good, cos that meant saving money!

I was very pleased with the latest instalment for Harry Potter. Pacing was fantastic, and Mike Newell did a great job condensing a 734 page book into one watchable movie. Although the transitions were rather odd, and it made the events look like it took place over five weeks instead of a whole year's school term, this is forgivable due the limitations of time and pacing.

Also commendable was the music, actually. With all due respect to John Williams, his style of music didn't really suit the Harry Potter series at all. Over the past three movies I felt like as though I was watching a Star Wars film instead. True, the Harry Potter theme is fantastic, but Patrick Doyle did a superb job at capturing the scenes with his style of music. Take note if you happen to catch the movie in theatres!

Well, gotta run. Snow Queen bumps into theatre tomorrow, so that means a long day of start-stop runs. Groan. See you at the show!

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