Saturday, October 22, 2005

Birthday Post

Birthday's officially over, and I'm beat! I got presented with a cake during yesterday's rehearsal, thanks Koey, Sonja and everyone else who came up with the idea and went to the trouble of getting it! It was lovely. Incidentally, I had to play my own birthday song when they sang it for me during rehearsal. And of course, cake-cutting is never enough, so things got rough (in a good way), which involved deep heat cream being smothered on me.

After rehearsal Andrew, Cyn & myself went for dinner at Crystal Jade where we marveled over simple things like guiling gao and crispy noodles. Andrew then scooted off for another rehearsal, and Cyn, myself and Caleb went to watch Erick Guansing's solo concert.

It was really good to see Erick again, with the thickest makeup I've seen so far. LOL! His show repertoire was pretty impressive and enjoyable, and listening to "Faith", "If" and "I Need To Know" brought back the good ol' days. Memories, man... Memories. Met Irene and Victoria at the concert as well, former members of Absolut Encounter. It was also good to see Babes again.

Unfortunately, the thing that didn't sit well with the show was the lighting design. They made Erick's concert look a tad unprofessional, with weird sprials and images which looked rather unsuitable for the mood of the songs he was singing. Quite a disappointment. Otherwise Erick managed to salvage it with a presentation of good repertoire and lovely singing voice.

Topping off the night consisted of Cyn and me club-hopping till I got immensely pissed and absolutely wasted. Nice! I kid you not, I'm still feeling high at three on a Saturday afternoon.

Thanks everyone for the presents and all; Darren, Eugene and dear Cyn. Love you guys!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Many thanks to Daphne, Hau Yee & Valerie for getting me my first birthday present! I really like it, thanks so much for going out of the way to get it despite having your exams and all! Really appreciate it.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Dumb Bush

More proof to the entire world that the United States is being led by a big, meddling, incompetent leader.

In today's copy of TODAY, an article was published on page 2 (you can read it here), Bush demanded Libyan authorities to release five Bulgarian nurses convicted of deliberately infecting northern Libyan children with the Aids virus at a hospital.

Nice work, loser. Bulgarian authorities have up till now wisely kept mum over this incident, because they clearly know who the perpetrators are. And there goes the US cowboy, sticking his nose into other a foreign country's legal matters.

Of course, if some may remember, on May 6, 2002 United States Under Secretary of State John R. Bolton gave a speech entitled "Beyond the Axis of Evil". In it he added three more nations to be grouped with the already mentioned "rogue states": Libya, Syria, and Cuba. I guess that explains for all these ridiculous demands.

Another thing that one might note is that along with the five nurses, a Palestinian doctor was also charged for the same offences. Bush never mentioned the doctor. Nice political bias there, asshole.

Also, in January 2005, the incoming Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, made a speech regarding the newly termed "Outposts of tyranny", a list of six countries deemed most dangerous and anti-American. This included the two remaining "Axis" members, as well as Cuba, Belarus, Zimbabwe and Myanmar.

Outposts of tyranny? Gee. That sounds mature. I bet that's what Bush called those classmates of his who refused to play with him in elementary school.

A man with definitely too much time on his hands.

But let's not just criticize foreign leaders. Bringing the situation closer to home, Transport Minister Yeo Cheow Tong recently announced that the Public Transport Council (PTC) now has the authority to impose fines of up to $500 for fare cheats, yet reassured over hapless errors that might be committed by a careless passenger.

Ok, first of all, all repeated calls from the public for bus operators to publicly disclose their earnings from all their over-charged fares which have gone unclaimed have all fallen on deaf ears. With the public already at the losing end each time someone decides not to go through ridiculous lengthy processes to claim back 50 cents, we are now subject to further displays of the government's authoritative whims and fancies.

When certain MPs raised concerns that passengers might make a hapless error whilst traveling on the bus, Mr Yeo said that the difference between an hapless error and evading fares is clear. For example, tapping out early one's ez-link card. "If he's already tapped out, what is he doing on the bus?" he said.

Here's a very possible scenario. I'm about to alight at a bus stop which I'm unfamiliar of, and I think my bus stop is up ahead next. I press the bell and tap my ez-link card, only to realize when the bus pulls up to the bus stop that it isn't really the bus stop that I was meant to get off at.

So I stay on the bus for one or more stops till I've reached the correct one. A bus conductor comes on, and I get "caught". What then? I get the rule book thrown at me?

Mr Yeo probably drives to work everyday anyway. What would he know. Here's a suggestion: please put in more effort and make our buses disabled-friendly. TODAY reported that the government may come to a decision only "by the end of this year". Wow, that must a be one tough decision.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Guitar quote

Truly, one of my favorite quotes:

"A good guitar treats you better than any girlfriend. You can tune it the way you want, it's so much easier to pick up, and shuts up right away when you pull out the cable."

* * * * * * *

Here are a couple photos of a gig that I did at Esplanade over the mid-autumn festival weekend. I know it's really long ago, but I just got the photos recently.

Group photo after the show!

The performers. They speak Mandarin so well it's just plain intimidating.

But it was fun working with them, nevertheless. Oh, I caught The 40-Year-Old Virgin with Lingna & Evon yesterday. It was absolutely hilarious! Had a great time laughing my butt off during the show. They really made each lewd joke sound well-crafted. Extremely enjoyable.

Hmm, you think?

Every speed-dater's dream come true.

"Man, this Buddha-juice is great!"

Ouch! A painful sight, this definitely is.

Well, I'd better enjoy all the free time I have lazing around and playing games before daily rehearsals start next week. So that means I'm going back to gaming. Haha! Be right back... not!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Bush's Mission

Only two days ago, a newspaper article appeared on the weekend copy of local tabloid Today (read article here), with US President Bush claiming that "he was on a mission from God" when he launched the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. What a bundle of inane crap. The last time I checked, Osama bin Laden was also on a mission from God when he launched 9/11. Now we have a problem, don't we?

Once cannot fathom how desperate a man can get when trying to cover for his own mistakes. Perhaps it was the all-time low popularity ratings that drove Bush to come up with his own "jihad" warcry, but whatever the case is, it will not work.

Can you believe preposterous words the most powerful man in the world is spewing? A mission from God? Incredible, let's see what he says when Saddam uses this same logic at the War Crimes Tribunal. Iraq has never been a more unsafe place since America's religiously-driven invasion. Here are some news which, in proving George Bush's point, show how Iraq is safer without Saddam.

30 Marines, Sailor Die In Copter Crash in Iraq - January 27, 2005

100,000 Civilians Died Because of Iraq War, Hopkins Study Says - October 28, 2004

Suicide Boat Bombers Attack Key Iraqi Oil Terminal - April 25, 2004

Cluster Bombs Kill In Iraq, Even After Shooting Ends
USATODAY - December 16, 2003

And this one's the real cherry. Apparently all the billions of dollars poured into training the US military can't enable their soldiers, each decked out in equipment equivalent to the cost needed to feed an entire town in Iraq, to tell the difference between an insurgent carrying an RPG and a civilian cameraman carrying a camera. Great job, Uncle Sam.

US Troops Shoot Dead Reuters Cameraman In Iraq
China Daily - August 18, 2003

But of course, just one example of their incompetence is insufficient, here's one more.

Jittery U.S. Soldiers Firing In The Dark Kill Six Iraqis Trying To Get Home Before Curfew News - August 10, 2003

And the endless list goes on. Don't forget the daily suicide bombings going on in Iraq, causing in countless civilian deaths. These news have become so commonplace even the local papers just publish them in small, obscure little corners.

So, who would make a better president for the United States: Bush or a box of Tic-Tacs? Here's an objective analysis, completely credible, which clearly shows the winner.

Now isn't this funny. Or ironic, whichever you'd prefer.

A religious zealot going to war on claims like this makes him no difference from the very Islamic jihadists who launch terror strikes on innocent targets. Great job, Bush. Screw this whole matter up, then take it to God. You're gonna be in big trouble this time!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Deferment granted!

It's official! The call just came in this afternoon, I've been granted deferment for me to do Snow Queen. Which is good! Rehearsals start next week, so please do come watch. Not the rehearsals, but the show itself.

More information available here.

Monday, October 10, 2005

6/1 Gathering

It's six in the morning on a Monday now, but thank god the only thing that's on my to-do list next is to go to bed, and not out to work. Just finished a most satisfying overnight gaming session.

The weekend's over, and it was a pretty good one at that. We had our 6/1 primary school class gathering on Saturday evening... Well, only 8 of us turned up at our meeting point at Suntec City, but it was good enough! Ironically enough, during dinner we sat around talking about all our primary school classmates, and started wondering how come we forgot to invite them when some of us had their contact numbers all along. Not too smart there, eh?

Our grandiose plans to have dinner at somewhere fancier like NYDC or Fish & Co. were shattered by the staggering weekend dinner crowds, so we decided to retreat to somewhere more quiet. Pastamania had the required number of tables and chairs so we decided to settle for that.

After that Weibin had to leave and meet his friends (although we all speculated that he went to meet his girlfriend instead), and Joneson joined us before we headed to Blue Note. Here are some photos taken at Suntec & Blue Note.

All smiles at the dinner table!

See everyone's hair? It's all NS-standard short except mine. Damn.

Oh, speaking of this, Weibin and the rest are all ORD-ing in four to five months, and here I am still waiting for news of further possible deferment. Haha... Man, I'm slow ain't I. CMPB was supposed to call me last week to tell me if my deferment application was successful or not, but I received no word. Guess I'll have to call them myself today and find out!

Evon, Yiling, Lingna & me.

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes... at Blue Note.

After that, we headed a few doors down to this club called Desire. But it turned out to be boring with a damn big capital 'B'. Please stay away from that crappy place at all costs.

Well, I was getting hungry anyway so Evon & I decided to head out first and get some food at the nearby coffeeshop for some overpriced Hokkien mee to end the night. Anyway, for our next "programme", we're planning to go KTV-ing this coming Sunday morning, so hopefully that works out!

Last night I met up with Lingna for coffee to collect my camera 'cos I accidentally left it with her on Saturday. Poor her, she went all the way down to town to buy her coveted Zara top only to come back empty-handed becuase they were out of stock. Well, nobody wants to wear an over-bought top anyway, right anot, Lingna? :p

Alright, I'm so ready to sleep. Then wake up at watch the final 3 episodes of Alias that I've left. If you're reading this at your office on a Monday morning, you have my sympathies. Hehe. Au revoir!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Just a little something funny to brighten up your day. Enjoy!

* * * * * * *

A new Army Captain was assigned to an outfit in a rather remote North Africa outpost. During his first inspection of the camp, he notices a camel hitched up behind the mess tent. He asks the Sergeant why the camel is kept there. The nervous sergeant says, "Well Sir, as you know, there are 250 men here on the post, and no women. And sir, sometimes the men have 'urges'. That's why we have the camel. The Captain says, "I can't say that I condone this, but I understand about urges, so the camel can stay."

After about a month the Captain starts having some very strong urges himself. After holding off as long as he can, he finally tells the Sergeant to bring the camel and a ladder around to his tent. Asking the Sergeant to set up the ladder behind the camel and hold it steady for him, he climbs the ladder, drops his pants, and has an amazingly wild shag with the camel.

When he's done, he asks the Sergeant, "Is that how the men do it?". The sergeant replies, "Well.... No, Sir, not exactly, Sir...... They usually just ride the camel into the nearby little town where all the women are."

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


It's now the time of the year where students scurry home in fervent anxiety to study for their dreaded nemesis -- exams. Well, not quite. Some students have chosen to, instead, head for their nearest 24-hour fast food outlet to carry out their mugging instead.

Yes, I'm talking about all the McDonald's outlets that have wizened-up and decided that opening their doors 24/7 brings in more money, since they're already paying so little to their staff to start off with. More of the students' money, that is.

But before I start criticizing uncontrollably about the detrimental, parasitical fast-food culture that is McDonald's, my bone of contention today is with something else. Ok, first of all, to be fair I will admit that in my heyday I have been to a number of McDonald's outlet or two for some fervent mugging.

But today's scene is quite different, really. Enormous groups of students hogging tables at McDonald's, with their books askew, empty cups of Coca-Cola strewn across the table, some voices loudly raised, while some even decided to have a "physical" study break by launching into a game of catching right in the restaurant.

Sitting quietly to study in a corner, be it alone or in a group, is perfectly fine. Hogging tables for hours at an end (believe me, the same people can still be spotted at 3am), playing catching or cackling loudly at some girly joke is NOT the way to go.

This is what I happen to spot at the McDonald's in Sun Plaza today during dinner-time:

Not too considerate eh? But that's what happens on a daily basis. Talk about civic-mindedness. So no one's sitting there (and nobody did for a long time, I observed), but apparently nowadays seats in McDonald's have become more highly sought after than front row seats in a Celine Dion concert.

So, do it the kiasu Singaporean way and put your bags on 'em, of course!

Well, it wouldn't be completely true if I said I didn't sympathize them completely; the NLB has severely restricted students from studying in libraries (only because they hog tables and make too much noise), and there isn't much of a place where students can study as a group in air-conditioned comfort. Thinking back, I didn't study much so I never really thought about this issue. (Haha!) But I sure do hope someone up there and steps up this problem, because it definitely cannot continue.

My friend even commented, "This area is becoming more and more like a school canteen". I couldn't agree more.

Monday, October 03, 2005


I've been having my own "Aliasathon" over the past few days, and it has been good! So far I've covered 12 episodes in 4 days, and I'm nearly halfway through Season 4. Good stuff! Otherwise I haven't been doing much; watching DVDs, playing Xenosaga I, indulging in gluttony. Haha!

Tomorrow I have an interview at CMPB regarding my deferment. So troublesome, huh! But I know if it all works out then it'll be worth it. If it DOES work out, that is. It'd better!

I'll be meeting Ling tomorrow to catch Dukes of Hazzard. Hope it's good as it seems; I'm not a Jessica Simpson fan and honestly, I think she's too damn ditzy. Heh heh! I'm surprised Singapore hasn't started showing Flightplan yet, and I've already watched it in Genting. A superrific show, that one is!

Wish me luck for my interview tomorrow!

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Back from Genting & KL

Phew, it's been a week since my last post. I've just got back from Genting & KL yesterday, and it was a blast! Genting was especially relaxing... I practically didn't do much everyday except eat, have coffee twice a day, watched a movie (Flight Plan, which was extremely good), shop, blah blah blah... We didn't even go for the outdoor theme park but we had a very good time!

Also we were put up in the new wing of First World Hotel. They just built a new tower (Tower 2), which is slightly better than the old and rather gaudy Tower 1. Hehe. Now it claims to be the biggest hotel in the world with 6,300 rooms! We jokingly termed it Third World Hotel because we had to wait around the lobby for hours before we could check in.

A pity though, was the weather: It was extremely foggy in Genting. Of all my yearly trips up to Genting, this was the foggiest weather I've seen.

Genting -- You could hardly see a thing.

The last time I went to KL was actually in '03, so I was abit unfamiliar with the place when I first arrived. Shopping was a blast, though! I also got the box set for the entire season 4 of Alias! Which is considered pretty amazing, if you know why.

Got a ton of stuff from SEED & Padini, which carry really nice stuff. Just about the best clothing brand in Malaysia. There were times we wanted to check out the local night scene but it rained every night, so we chose to chill out back in our hostel instead.

Also, I was hoping to meet up with Faizal (I met him in NZ) but he was too caught up with work, so it didn't fall through. He'll be coming to Singapore this month though, for work, so hopefully we can meet up.

I also got a couple of good books at the extremely huge Borders at Berjaya Times Square. Their Borders is so much more well-stocked and bigger than Singapore's Borders. And it's not half as crowded, so I had a good time lounging in armchairs browsing through gaming mags! I've covered one of the books I'm currently reading in the ME section, so do check it out.

Here are some shots of the view from the rooftop terrace of our hostel (Pondok Lodge, Jln Changat Bukit Bintang). Nice place.

Well, it's back to work, work, work now that I've returned. I was supposed to call MINDEF today but I totally forgot, damn. SRT wrote in to CMPB to differ my NS for Snow Queen, and I was told to call this lady for a phone interview. Tried calling yesterday evening when I got back but no one answered, and I totally forgot to call today. Stupid me. I hope this doesn't hurt my chances.

Went for Viva Mex rehearsal at the French School this morning. It was nice to see some familiar faces who did the musical last year. Plenty of eye candy there, hehe. Then had to teach in the afternoon, and caught up on the season premiere of The Amazing Race Family Edition on tape.

Ok, then I slept. Till now. Meeting Lingna, Fara & Hidayah later for coffee downstairs! Ta!