Monday, July 25, 2005

nz.day23 + 24



Days 23 & 24 proved to be just loitering around Auckland, taking in the city pace and mostly just sitting around missing Marie. : p

I did, however, managed to actually do some entertainment-ish stuff, like going up the Sky Tower (finally! YES!!), catching a movie (The Longest Yard), buying my Harry Potter book, and walking Nelly, Amanda's labby.

Standing on the glass floor at the Observation Deck of the Sky Tower. Now, if only I could bungy off from there... Oooh.

Amanda and her sis, Dana, and me at the Observation Deck.

And here we see the dog walking the owner.

Sigh... Romantic Princes Wharf by night.

And just for you, an emo pic of me on the Sky Tower. Haha...

Of course, all the city life was enough for me to call it a day, and since I was still unwilling to leave I extended my flight again, and decided to head down to the Bay of Islands the next day.

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