Thursday, July 07, 2005

nz.day11 + 12

queenstown - te anau

te anau/milford sound

I'm broke. Seriously broke. S**t broke. Yesterday Michelle & Ryan pulled out on us for the Milford Sound trip (so much for waking up at 5am for nothing!), so we had to change our plans and take a bus down from Queenstown to Te Anau.

Reached Te Anau at about 1pm, checked-in and walked around the (extremely sleepy & boring) town centre. I was already broke by then, so we had to contend with window shopping and buy one set of fish & chips to share. No kidding. We then sat on a roadside bench behind a public toilet (I kid you not) and munched on our food (somewhat miserably).

Headed back and walked by the lake shore and took some decent shots. We also managed to book our Milford Sound scenic cruise, and outside we met this couple from Brazil, Izelson & Adriana. They were also heading down to Milford Sound the next day, so we managed to agree to hitch a ride from them and split the cost of petrol. They were the lovliest couple, let me tell you.

As such, we managed to save on getting on of those expensive coach & cruise packages. Upon heading back to the hostel, we found that Izelson & Adriana ended up becoming our roommates, so that was convenient. After dinner, Amanda & myself went to the video room to catch Angela's Ashes.

Next morning, Izelson & Adriana and ourselves set out bright and early (although it was drizziling) for the 2-hour drive to Milford Sound. On the way there we stopped at various very beautiful scenic points for photo opportunities. We reached the cruise centre with good time to spare, and boarded the Lady Of The Sounds for our 2 1/2 hour cruise.

The scenery along Milford Sound was awesome & stunning; cascading waterfalls with peaks reaching up to the clouds. We also spotted fur seals and dolphins. Many dolphins in fact! At least 20 of them. One of the crew even commented that it was the first time she was seeing so many dolphins together.

Halfway through we also stopped at a Underwater Observatory, a facility where people could descend steps to view the underwater marine life in an enclosed area. Thankfully there was lunch provided in the package, else I would be starving on the boat.

We managed to take some really beautiful photos, can't wait to share with you guys when I get back. Milford Sound is a definite must-see should you ever come to the South Island.

Ok, I'm now going to figure out how to feed my cold, hungry self and secure a room tonight in my lacklustre hostel with really poor atmosphere. In any case, I have a sleeping bag with me. Phew. I can still go to sleep with beautiful images of Milford Sound in my head... Heh heh.

I'm officially appealing for donations, please contact me on my NZ handphone (+64211826658) if you're feeling particularly rich! :p Love you guys. Heh.

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